Our Summer in 2015!

Like a love song or a chick flick Sugar Rim Bar comes through again and sweeps the people off of their feet! This Summer has just kicked off and already Cory Brim and his legion of Professional Bartenders have already made a huge splash! Along with the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia area, Sugar Rim Bar has unlocked Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York City and Atlanta – WOW! With #summer2015 here, what can we expect to see from Sugar Rim Bar across the country?

Speaking of “across the country” Let’s start with Sugar Rim Bar LA! The Los Angeles Team took an epic Road Trip right at the tip of the summer. They drove from California to Washington D.C.and heading to Pennsylvania to continue working on their “Farm Fresh Project” #ThinkFreshDrinkFresh is the idea! Their goal is to create cocktails using elements that they themselves can trace back to the beginning. “What’s in YOUR cocktail?” they ask! I bet they can tell you exactly what they use in their cocktails, how they grew it and even have you join in! Want to start your own garden? Let’s do it!!



Next up, SAN FRANCISCO! Felicia, Head of #srbsf (Sugar Rim Bar San Francisco) is opening up the summer with a BANG!! Event after event, The San Fran Team is diving in head first! Recently, they Staffed a Golf Tournament Benefit at the Napa Valley Chardonnay Golf Course and knocked it out the park! San Fran also finished up a large wedding and nailed it! LED bars, 6 large beer kegs, lots of alcohol, lots of music, lots of fun! In less than 24 hours they will be bar tending a 4th of July event as well! You asked for a Team in San Fran, and THAT’S WHAT YOU GOT, you can expect a lot more events from Team San Fran! Cheers!

sfwedding1 sfweddingcheers

fegolf fegolf2

From San Francisco we’ll fly down to Miami where our Head Bartender Victor is taking over the scene! July 4th, 2015 marks their first event and it’s going to be a good one! Our Miami team is right at the peak of taking off and we are very excited to see everything they have in store! Stay tuned in to Miami, rumor has it, they may be organizing an annual bash on one of Miami’s luxurious yachts! You won’t want to miss it!


Our newest cities on the team include New York City and Atlanta! These two fresh, power cities are the newest addition to the empire. This summer they will be organizing their Dream Team in order to jump on board and knock out this summers private parties and public events!

srb logo








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