How to Drink on your FIRST DATE!

Too often, someone gets trashed on their first date. Doesn’t matter how many times they told themselves to have only 1 drink or to consume slowly, by the end of their date they are calling a friend to come drink with them because their date left! It’s not always the party goer that has 1 too many, a lot of times it’s the more reserved nervous on the first date drinker that throws a few back to loosen up and by the time they’ve released their inhibitions, they are on drink 3 or 4 and the appetizers are still sizzling hot!  Here’s a few things to remember when drinking on your 1st date! Remember, no need to show off your drinking skills, if you nail this, you’ll have other opportunities to drink together!

1. Limit yourself to 2 cocktails – This applies to those with a high tolerance as well. FIRST DATE HERE PEOPLE!

2. Don’t order a Bloody Mary – save that for the morning after your first night together.

3. For those who don’t have a go to cocktail, order a mid level brand. Doesn’t have to be top shelf, but don’t order from the well.

4. Stick to the same thing, you’re only ordering 2 drinks, no need to go from a “vodka & tonic” to a “Singapore Sling” – lol

5. Stay away from beer, have a cocktail.

6. Order water with your drink

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