So you like the Bartender – and who doesn’t, after all bartenders are like magical creatures that seem to always land on their feet and know just how to make you feel understood. Before you dive into the life of dating a bartender, go over a few basic pointers on HOW to date a bartender!

1. Circle of Friends – It’s important to have a life of your own. Don’t rely on us to have time for you and ONLY you. It’s okay if you aren’t a social butterfly, in fact it may be better if you aren’t the socialite of the city. Just be prepared to spend weekends with your friends or your hobby –  99.9% of the time, we’ll be serving everyone else and THEIR friends every Friday and Saturday night!

2. Bar Etiquette – Learn the lingo. As often times as you size up the bartender, we are doing the same. We are attracted to individuals who can hold their own. No need to try and outshine us, that will only irritate us as there’s no way you know more about our craft than we do, but it’s nice to have good company, good patrons.

3, Bring out your inner Starbucks Barista – On our rare days off, we ask from the bottom of our hearts that when you attempt to wake us up, you greet us with Coffee and a Breakfast Bagel! End of Story.

4. Double Standard – Predictable bar banter and flirting goes on, whether we like it or not, just comes with the J.O.B. but that doesn’t mean we want to glance over and see you flirting with Jim, Joe and Jack on the other side of the bar. We WILL quickly and effortlessly move on!

5. Confidence & Intelligence – Contrary to popular belief, we are highly intelligent, creative, and motivated people. We also like to think we are very deep thinkers and that we have many layers to ourselves. In turn, in order for you to keep our attention and interest, be confident and caring, bold with creativity and kind while still assertive. We dig awesome human beings!

6. Sloppy Drunk – We see it all the time and there’s nothing worse than a sloppy drunk. We advise you NOT to try and show off by throwing back shots of whiskey and chugging pints of beer. Know your limit and hold your liquor!

7. Be Attentive – YES! Bartenders need love too! During the 5 minutes we run out back to smoke or in the kitchen to stuff our faces, we DO check our phones. We’d love to know that during our time in the trenches, you’ve thought about us and you’ve sent us a text. We WILL respond.

8. Plastic – Have a debit card or credit card because we will usually only have cash!

9. Stripper Syndrome – Being behind the bar is the same as being on stage. We are ourselves, but a more animated and extrovert version of ourselves. Who we are behind closed doors with loved ones is who you can count on! Don’t hassle us too much, please!

10. JUST YOU – Being your real authentic self is what matters. If we meet you in the bar, oddly enough, we expect the same person outside of the bar. We all have good days and bad, but if we notice you in the bar it’s not because you put on an amazing show, it’s because you ere unique enough to stand out in a crowd without pretending to be anything but yourself. Trust us, we can pick up on the fake personalities quickly!

Good Luck – Cheers!

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