The Real “CRAFT”


an Art of spirits, beer, wine & cocktails – handmade, home grown and served with passion and an intense desire to deliver the best drink that has yet to be discovered!
Crafting a cocktail is more than simply stirring a Maker’s 48 Manhattan or building a Bloody Mary with pepper and seasoned tomato juice. The real Craft is behind the hands of a Mixologist. From homegrown tomatoes, cayenne peppers, lemon trees and limes, organic oranges from the orchard and fresh garlic from the garden, add a dash of salt and old country Worcestershire that’s been infused with bacon fat, local horseradish and finish with your small batch and/or handcrafted vodka, roll to chill and strain over hand cut ice housed in vintage glassware. Seems like a lot to most people, but to a select view, this is what bar tending is all about – A form of mixology and passion shaken into 1 simple word, “Craft!”

Let’s simplify things. Let’s go out and find handmade vodka, let’s take Tito’s Vodka for example, and let’s grab a few oranges and a piece of ginger root. Can you craft a cocktail from just 2 or 3 ingredients? ABSOLUTELY!

“Craft” simply put means that you are using fresh, handmade or small batch elements and spirits, as opposed to premade sour mix; you are squeezing the lemons and cooking up simple syrups as though you were the mad scientist behind the bar or in your kitchen. Too many establishments are confusing the word “Craft” with “Quality” So when you go to California Pizza Kitchen and order a Craft Margarita, it’s safe to assume that it isn’t a 100% craft cocktail, and that’s okay, but what isn’t okay is to throw around and attach “craft” onto every cocktail, simply because it looks and tastes good.

To learn more, SugarRimBar recommends “Craft of the Cocktail” a book written by the Legendary Dale DeGroff.



Interested in learning how to be a Mixologist? Throw a party for you and your friends so you can learn how to make the best cocktails on the block! Impress everyone with your fancy Mixologist skills! We offer Mobile Mixology Classes!

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