As a hiring manager, once you open one bartender resume, you’ve opened them all. Let’s face it, once you’re behind a bar for your first time, you have the right to write down MOST of the same duties a seasoned bartender would.

“Mix and prepare cocktails”

“Knowledgeable in spirits, beer and wine”

“Using fresh ingredients” “Signature drinks”

“TIPS, TAM, STAR Certified”

Any bartender at any given time will mention these things, but what really sets you apart? How does one actually get hired, if on paper we all look the same? We’ve put together a few ways to be seen without over doing it! Our advice is to incorporate your resume that SHOULD state all of the above along with 1 or more of the following:

1.            Create a short video

 If you are comfortable in front of a camera, creating a short video of yourself bar tending can get you in the door for an interview very quickly! If you or someone you know can edit the video so that you can fit different takes of you doing different things in fewer than 2 minutes tops, GO FOR IT! I would suggest you use music on your video, obviously an appropriate song or instrumental. Stay away from actually speaking on the video; you can speak when you go in for your interview. [You don’t have to be a flair bartender to make a video, make a simple drink using proper pours and techniques!]

2.            Letter from Reference

References are a strong point of interest for hiring managers and the good ones will definitely check your references. To add a little flair to your resume, ask one of your references to write a very brief letter of recommendation and attach it to your resume. This validates you as well and is professional and takes you 1 step above the rest!

3.            Open Availability

You may not have the opportunity to email a video or get a letter of reference in time for same day or walk-in interviews, but 1 thing that will get you in the door 90% of the time is to emphasis your “OPEN AVAILABILITY!” If you don’t have another job, let the hiring person know that. Tell them you are available any time, day or night and I guarantee you, you will get work. You might not start off with full time hours but having open availability will get you in the door!

4.          Be Knowledgeable, Be Workable!

Of course all resumes say “Knowledgeable of… “And it’s a good footnote, but actually be knowledgeable of whatever it is you are listing and it’s okay to know more about beer than spirits. Some places thrive on bartenders who know a lot about craft beers and this will get you in the door to pubs and bars stocked with local brewed beers.  The longer you last in this business, the more you will start to realize that over time each bartender shifts into more of a categorized type of bartender. i.e. Craft Bartender, Mixologist, Flair Bartender, Fine dining Bartender, Mobile Bartender, Owner/Bartender, etc.  And lastly, Be Workable. Be someone that others can work with, be able to listen, follow directions and still bring part of your personality to the bar. All bartenders have their own style when it comes to life in general, not everyone can make it in this business, take pride in what we do.

Please feel free to share other tips on how to get hired! 

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